Session: 1

PS1-09 | Dorsolateral Entorhinal Cortex in the destabilization/reconsolidation Process of Fear Memories

Ramiro Gabriel Comas Mutis

Departamento de Farmacología, Facultad de Ciencias Químicas, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. IFEC - CONICET

The Dorsal Hippocampus (DH) and the basolateral complex of the Amygdala (BLA) are brain
structures critically involved in the destabilization/reconsolidation process. Interestingly, BLA
exerts a modulatory role over the structural plasticity of DH during said process. However,
there is no direct connection between the two structures. The entorhinal cortex, particularly
the dorsolateral region (dl-CEnt) is a parahippocampal structure regarded as the main input of
the Hippocampus, and potentially an operational intermediate for the emotional information
between both brain areas.
It the present work we explored the role of the dl-CEnt, trough pharmacological manipulation,
in the destabilization/reconsolidation of fear memories as a step in outlining and further
understanding the neural circuit between BLA and DH.