Session: 5

PS5-17 | Evaluating memory in large number of people using a gamified RULIT in an on-line platform

Pedro Benedetti

Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires

Learning and memory processes are main research topics in neuroscience. Since they allow the execution of multiple manipulations on large numbers of subjects under strict control conditions, many fundamental studies are performed using animal models. Others are conducted in humans. They can still be done in controlled environments, but at the expense of costs and logistics that impact on the number of participants. Also, traveling to a laboratory introduces drastic changes to the participants’ routine. Thus, intending to study memory processes on large numbers of people, with minimal impact on their routines, we developed a gamified version of the Ruff-Light task (RULIT) that runs on a web platform.
Here, we introduce this visuospatial task and show that people contacted through social media learned a secret path hidden within a labyrinth composed of multiple nodes. The participants accessed to a web page and followed a set of short instructions to perform the task. Then, independent groups were contacted by email to perform the memory retention test at 1, 3-4, 15, and 60 days. Memory expression was equivalent 1 and 4 days after training and remained for up to 2 months, but decaying in the function of time. Men showed better performance in training and test sessions than women.
In summary, we present a new tool for studying learning and memory processes
remotely using the InvestigAr web platform.