Session: 8

PS8-15 | Improving offline consolidation by odor cuing memory reactivations in a school setting: Preliminary results

Vanessa Vidal

Laboratorio de Sueño y Memoria, Depto. Ciencias de la Vida, Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA)

During sleep, recently acquired memories are spontaneously reactivated in the hippocampus, transferred and redistributed to neocortical networks favoring memory consolidation and persistence. Furthermore, these reactivations can be induced by presenting a cue during sleep, previously associated to the learned material. Up to now, these reactivations have been induced in the Lab under controlled environments showing memory improvement after reactivation. However, it has been recently shown that the same effects could be obtained at home with the experimental subjects auto-administering the cues during sleep. Thus, this approach results particularly interesting for improving consolidation in a school setting. Here, we will discuss preliminary data of odor reactivation during sleep previously linked to a history lecture in the classroom and its impact on memory persistence.