Session: 3

PS3-12 | Tetraspanins as key regulators of the hippocampal dendrite development

Micaela Daiana Garcia

Molecular and neuronal neuroscience/IBCN/FMED-Universidad de Buenos Aires

The formation of synaptic connections during nervous system development requires the precise control of dendrite growth and synapse formation. Tetraspanins (Tspans), also called transmembrane 4 superfamily (TM4SF), represent a large family of proteins that participate in neuronal development. Several Tspans have been reported to regulate synapse formation, function and plasticity. Despite the progress obtained in recent years, little is known about the role of Tspans in the control of neuronal morphology and connectivity. Taking advantage of the postnatal expression of some Tspans by hippocampal developing neurons, we used gain and loss of function assays to examine how altered Tspan expression impacts dendrite morphology, filopodial and spine formation and maturation of primary hippocampal neurons. Here, we show that some under characterized Tspans could also regulate both dendrite complexity and dendritic spine density of hippocampal neurons. In the near future, it would be interesting to explore with more detail the role of these specific Tspans in hippocampal synapse formation and plasticity.